A Transformation Company
To create international centers in existing communities, by transforming ongoing research facilities and enlarging their missions. The primary focus is on government owned sites, where the purpose has been seemingly fulfilled, or funding is no longer adequate, and the costs of remediation are high. The core strategy is to synergistically add and combine research, educational and amusement functions in each setting. Flexible partnerships are the best means to successful integrations.

Each proposed transformation involves reinvigorating serious science, creating supplemental educational facilities, building a museum, a conference center, and promoting touristic and entertainment possibilities. The reputation (media mystique) also must be renewed and expanded with each facility and its new goals. Every facility has special needs as well. Owning, managing, and consulting are all options in the fix and the mix.

General principles apply. They involve working closely with schools, local governments, the private sector, and the scientific community. All levels should be explored as to potential inclusion for mutual profit. Initial and ongoing marketing studies will determine the best possibilities.

Inquiries are invited:

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